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Casa Alianza Guatemala

Trainings about Human Trafficking

Guatemala, June 2012 – In May, Casa Alianza Guatemala took its message about the dangers of human trafficking on the road, visiting five regions and giving six workshops for government officials...

Casa Alianza Honduras

Preparing for Street Kids World Cup in Brazil 2014

Honduras, August 2012 – A new partnership at Casa Alianza Honduras has borne some very special fruit. Earlier this year, to promote sports in our residential...

Casa Alianza Mexico
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Alex and Aurea Run for Casa Alianza México

Mexico, June 2012 – Mexico, June 2012 -- On May 6, Alejandro Guzmán Cosío ran in a half marathon for Casa Alianza Mexico, with one clear objective - to help the children and teens we care for.

Casa Alianza Nicaragua

Casa Alianza Nicaragua:  A Fair to Celebrate our Family Reintegration Work

Nicaragua, June 2012 – During the past 14 years Casa Alianza Nicaragua's Family Reintegration team has successfully reintegrated about 700 children and teens with their families and their...

Sen. Joseph Vitale Visits Casa Alianza

Read a moving, first-person account of Sen Vitale’s trip to Covenant House in Guatemala, Honduras

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Greetings From Nicaragua

President of Covenant House International, Kevin Ryan, blogs about a recent visit to Casa Alianza Nicaragua

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